wtorek, 24 marca 2009


Świetny klip zrobiony przez Pana Jeffa Desom - an award winning London-based Luxembourgian. Muzyka pochodzi z kawałka "Morgenroth" z albumu "Ferndorf" stworzonego przez mojego ulubionego pianistę ostatnimi czasy - Hauschkę.

Oto co miał do powiedzenia na temat klipu sam autor:

"the idea for this new film came to me during the late editing stages of Bloksky [do obejrzenia poniżej], which was about a composer who's plagued by a writer's block that physically manifests itself as a bone growing from his skull. For some reason I thought that the image of a burning piano dropping off a building could have served as a recurring dream of this character. Similar to the dream sequences in Elephant Man, if you wish. The finished animation is mostly made from early twentieth century photographs that I found while browsing through the vast collection of the Library of Congress. I also used old post cards from New York that I purchased at a flee market in Paris. Most of the time I would only zoom into a tiny portion of the picture and utilise that as my frame."

Taka pogoda, że nic tylko słuchać fortepianu.


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